Drivers and Crew

Al-Anabi GOLD Top Fuel Team

Driver: Khalid alBalooshi (view full bio)

Name: Jason McCulloch (view full bio)
Title: Crew Chief
Hometown: Sanger, CA
Hobbies: Golf
Years in Drag Racing: 26
Name: Ronnie Thompson
Title: Asst. Crew Chief
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Hobbies: Golf and flying airplanes
Years in Drag Racing: 24
Name: Joe Barlam
Title: Assistant Crew Chief
Hometown: Nazereth, Pa.
Hobbies: Golf and Racing
Years in Drag Racing: 14
Name: Adam Baranski
Title: Cylinder Heads
Hometown: Glenwood, IL
Hobbies: Investment Properties, baseball
Years in Drag Racing: 9
Name: Cody Bland
Title: Superchargers
Hometown: Bloomington, Ind.
Hobbies: Family, other forms of racing, sports
Years in Drag Racing: 3
Name: Jim Marcellus
Title: Rods and piston racks
Hometown: Temple City, CA
Running, the outdoors and sushi
Years in Drag Racing: 21
Name: Todd Frazier
Title: Engine Builder
Hometown: Yuba City, CA
Hobbies: Motorcycles
Years in Drag Racing: 7
Name: Caleb Williams
Title: Clutch
Hometown: Mackinow, IL
Hobbies: Motorcycles and tattoo art
Years in Drag Racing: 6
Name: David Karcanes
Title: Fuel & Floater
Hometown: Phillipsburg, NJ
Hobbies: Boating, movies, soccer, football, mountain biking, playing with son
Years in Drag Racing: 19
Name: Jordan Van Zant
Title: Tires, Clutch Asst.
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Hobbies: Dirt Bikes and snowboarding
Years in Drag Racing: 2

Al-Anabi SILVER Top fuel Team

Driver: Shawn Langdon (view full bio)

Name: Brian Husen (view full bio)
Title: Crew Chief
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Hobbies: Golf and Drag Racing
Years in Drag Racing: 17
Name: Nick Peters
Title: Asst. Crew Chief
Hometown: Independence, OH
Hobbies: Restoring old cars
Years in Drag Racing: 13
Name: Josh Adams
Title: Superchargers
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Hobbies: Video games, sports, billiards
Years in Drag Racing: 13
Name: Todd Splain
Title: Tires
Hometown: Lincoln, Neb.
Hobbies: Family and racing
Years in Drag Racing: 3 (14 in motorsports)
Name: Jordan Harry
Title: Piston and Rod assembly
Hometown: Champaign, IL
Hobbies: Metal working, traveling, and friends
Years in Drag Racing: 7
Name: Ryan Pethtel
Title: Clutch
Hometown: Robinson, IL Hobbies: Riding Motorcycle, NFL Football
Years in Drag Racing: 17
Name: Matthew Korol
Title: Bottom End
Hometown: Kindred, ND
Hobbies: Crossfit, playing drums
Years in Drag Racing: 7

Name: Shawn Ford
Title: Engine Builder
Hometown: Grand Coulee, WA
Hobbies: Riding motorcycles
Years in Drag Racing: 13
Name: David McCombs
Title: Cylinder Heads
Hometown: Lincolnton, NC
Hobbies: Sports - Especially football and baseball
Years in Drag Racing: 9
Name: Joe Veyette
Title: Track Specialist / Fabricator
Hometown: Blue Island, Ill.
Hobbies: Family time, mountain biking
Years in Drag Racing: 9 (26 in motorsports)

Team Support

Name: Brandon Bernstein
Title: Director of Racing Operations
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Hobbies: Fitness, computers, music, cooking and golf
About: As a driver, had the most successful career launch of any other Top Fuel or Funny Car driver, winning five of his first 13 starts over two seasons;  2009 marked the 30th (and final year) of the Bernstein/Budweiser sponsorship, the longest in motorsports history; Won NHRA Division 7 Top Alcohol Dragster championship driving for Darien and Meadows team in 2001 and worked on his father’s TF crew in 2002
Name: Tammy Powers
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Title: Director of Business Operations
Hobbies: Krav Maga, Yoga, FilmMaking, Shopping, and Tropical Vacations
Name: Aly Lewis
Hometown: Mohnton, PA
Title: Office Manager
Hobbies: Visiting Family, Reading, Watching the Philadelphia Eagles Games, and Shopping!
Name: David McCutcheon
Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX
Hobbies: Travel, and meeting interesting people
Title: Hospitality Mgr./Transport
Years in Drag Racing: 22
Name: Dustin Gagna
Hometown: Denver, CO
Title: Executive Chef
Hobbies: Home Brewing, Wine Making, Swimming, Cake Decorating, and Cooking for Family.
About: Dustin has been a part of drag racing off and on since 1998. Working as a mechanic for a pro stock team and then later as a chef. He is excited to be back after a three year vacation from the drag racing world, and to give his team and guests the greatest racing hospitality experience ever.
Name: Rob Goodman
Title: Director of Media Relations
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C.
Hobbies: Golf, movies, time with family
Years in Racing: 20